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Joy: imaginations gone wild

It’s hard to capture the sound of kid gut-laughter, slash, giggle overflow in a photo. That’s actually my #1 joy of this friend-filled half-school-and-no-kindergarten-at-all day. But a close second is listening to the playtime of 3 adorably imaginative little girls. Involving a fabric “house” over the dining table, a blanket for carpet, barbies, toy food, sleepover gear, dressups, polly pockets, and lots of use of the words “mother” and “princess” and “baby.”

So. Not bad for a second-place joy. And it’s a good thing there’s two joys today, because I’ve done about 13 loads of laundry to counterbalance. Actually…I better be on the hunt for some more smile-makers. Because I’m stinking sick of laundry.

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Joy: Memories of delicious stuff

I have the best friends in the world, a fact that stands alone in the determination of a day’s (life’s?) experience of joy. But when one such friend spontaneously pops by with a candied apple gift, what can I say? She wins, my stomach wins, and my memory of yesterday’s deliciousness wins. Trifecta of joy.

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