What’s this blog all about, anyway?

Hey, I’m Brittney. I’m a 30-something mom of almost four pretty great kids. (Well, three are pretty great. One has yet to prove herself, but if kicking and stretching and somersaulting in the womb is a sign of greatness, we’ve got ourselves a prodigy…) My husband is an all-star man, and we have a boxer puppy. I’m a bachelor-degree-toting technical writer, a home-projects enthusiast, and a slug who moves up and down the roads under the guise of “running.”

I also sometimes have trouble keeping the 10th Commandment, “Thou shalt not covet.” It’s not a disease, not yet, but I’ll occasionally find myself browsing the cyberwaves for hours on end, wishing I had This, wanting to do That, yearning for the time and means and talent and kid-free life to pull off The Other. To combat my selfish, wallowing tendencies (okay, I’m getting a little dramatic here. Just play along.), I started this blog to document my daily Journey of Joy.

The rules: (1) One photo each day to illustrate something that brought me JOY. (2) I have to explain why it brought me JOY, even if it sounds cheesy or lame or superficial or even snarky. Yes, sometimes I find joy in snarkiness. Judge me. (3) Every. Day. (4) For at least one year. (5) Unless something really crazy comes up–Real life comes first. Then chocolate. Then this blog-diggity. Then, about 10 slots down, cleaning my house. (6) You may call me “Maestra.” (7) Yeeps. 5 minutes of making some rules, and I’m already giddy with power. Easy, tiger.

Some days this task will be easy. Some days it will be hard or weird. Some days I may be so bugged and joyless that I’ll snap a default pic of peanut m&ms. (Note: When it’s one of Those days, be gentle with me. Compliment my shoes or my wit or the unspeakable talent I must possess to be successfully growing a fingernail on each and every finger.) But I’m convinced that gratitude is the balm of… Shoot. Lost my train of thought. Insert something profound here and pretend I wrote it, mmmkay?

Basically, I’m very blessed. I love my life. I even like my life. And I want to get caught up in finding the joy in the every.single.dayness of it all.

Wanna join me? Sweet. I’ll bring snacks.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Val says:

    I’m here!

  2. Erin says:

    Love the idea of your blog….hits home for me so I’m in too!

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