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Joy: $1 well spent

Little A was a trooper this morning, running a bajillion errands with me, so I “splurged” on a little wooden number that she fell in love with at the last store. One whole dollar. I then ignored the siren call of my To Do list and did nothing but sat and watched her little artist self paint like the wind. And give a cheerful chattery stream-of-consciousness monologue about colors and babies and birthdays. It was adorable. My kids are growing up too fast.

Then we had sandwiches for lunch.

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Joy: Au natural

It doesn’t always happen, but today’s family nature walk was highly successful. Translation: during the gorgeous weather, my family (check) drove to a spot where nature is (check) and everyone walked (check). Boom. 100%. It was closer to 67% success for a while there when our 3-year-old, who is notorious for being highly energetic and independent EXCEPT whilst hiking, started bawling about wanting to be carried back.

Instead, we made her walk and distracted her with about 1400 verses of “Down by the Bay.”

(Maybe carrying her would’ve been less painful for everyone than the broken-recordness of that song. Dah well. We’re building character here, which always involves suffering at some level, right? Right.) It was, in all honesty, a perfectly lovely outing on a perfectly lovely day.

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Joy: Round-trip bus ride


Because she had a backpack and was (apparently) thus safe from any back injury that would potentially be incurred, my 3-year-old adrenaline junkie amped up the daredevil factor of our sidewalk journey this morning: “Don’t step on a crack, or you’ll fall and break your…TOE!” Commence wild maniacal laughter. (This, people, is why my own jokes are so well received around here. The bar is set verrrrrrrry low.)

My 3-year-old and I walked to the bus stop and then went on a round-trip bus ride this morning. Even among the mid-Monday-morning smell of alcohol and rarely washed bodies that accompanied the surprisingly populated 10:41 line, it was delightful. The sun was out, the temps were sky-high (50s at the time! beautiful!), the bus windows were huge. Plus, little A.’s sunglasses were only attached at her ears (didn’t touch the bridge of her nose), so every bump and jiggle of the bus sent the little shades on an up-and-down waggle way out in front of her face. Made me laugh every time.

Also joy: taking off my cute but stiffly brand new ballet flats when we got home to discover only one and a half blisters on my heels where I was convinced at least four enormous monstrocities (sp?) would be. It’s a good day.

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Joy: Indoor picnic

On weekends, the last thing I ever want to do is make dinner. Am I weird? (Don’t answer that too honestly…) So you can imagine my delight, nay, JOY, when my daughter had the genius idea to picnic for dinner. At first they wanted to go outside for the feast (they’re really into the idea that it’s warm out there…even asking why haven’t we set up the swimming pool and hammocks and can they eat popsicles). Sometimes I get tired of saying “no,” so I struck the kiddos a deal: if they looked out the front window and saw grass instead of snow in our front yard, then we’d dine outside.

As they beelined up to the living room windows, I crossed my fingers that global warming hadn’t taken effect in the past 25 minutes…and, while I was at it, sent a coupla positive vibes to the polar bears.

Phew. Looks like the snow in our yard (and, I can only assume, the polar bears) were present and accounted for. Indoor dining it was.

Nothing like a little cheese, veggies, apple slices, crackers, and “fancy” mini PBJ samwiches eaten on a blanket in the entryway to make it feel like spring. That was joyful. Short-lived, if I’m being honest, as the kids started arguing about who would sit where. There may or may not have been tears and a piece of thrown cheese involved. But the joyful moment was already documented, so there you have it.

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Joy: Time Out

WHAT: Time out from everything

WHEN: Middle of the day

WHY: Snuggling with my sick toddler

Today’s JOY brought to you by 3 hours at InstaCare, complete with a vomit-all-over-mom episode (why, yes, it IS as awesome as it sounds), a random nap in the exam room, and an orange popsicle.

We found out a couple of nights ago that our 3-year-old has a pretty intense kidney infection. So sad. I’ve also been finding out over the past several months that I need to re-prioritize, as I spend a lot of my life’s minutes putting off stuff that’s important (make dinner for my family) to do stuff that’s probably lame (surf the web).

These two discoveries seem to have nothing in common, I know, other than the fact that they brought about today’s joy: setting aside a million things that, despite their frivolity I still wanted to do, to be 100% there for this little girl. I didn’t even check my email or texts while holding her, which, for a multi-tasking addict like myself, is huge. Shouldn’t be, but is.

So, yeah. Total joy today whispering with and holding little A. Icing on the cake: she stroked my hair.

Today’s poll:

For real, how much time do you spend online in an average day?

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