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Joy: a coupla days off…kind of…

Dear Camera,

I know you like to play hide-and-seek. You’re very good at it, and we all know it. I suppose it was kind of cute on Saturday when I couldn’t find you. Sunday wasn’t a huge deal, either, if I’m being honest. But it’s Monday now — Monday night, even — and I’m starting to think that your absence isn’t as funny as you seem to think it is. In fact, I’m downright annoyed. Because a photo-less blog by any other name…well, the name is “Crap.”

So. Be a sport and come out of your hiding spot, and we’ll be friends again. K?

Like an 8-year-old neighborhood kid ready to call it a night, I holler with a crackling voice: Olly-olly-in-come-freeeeeeee…

Love, Brittney

p.s. Your lengthy hideout doesn’t have anything to do with my online perusal of other, more expensive cameras, does it? Because I didn’t mean it! I swear!