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Joy: $1 well spent

Little A was a trooper this morning, running a bajillion errands with me, so I “splurged” on a little wooden number that she fell in love with at the last store. One whole dollar. I then ignored the siren call of my To Do list and did nothing but sat and watched her little artist self paint like the wind. And give a cheerful chattery stream-of-consciousness monologue about colors and babies and birthdays. It was adorable. My kids are growing up too fast.

Then we had sandwiches for lunch.

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Joy: three-eyed whales

I was doing just fine until my husband popped open a bag of Cheetos, of which I’m not normally a fan at all but which for some unexplainable reason called my name loudly and repeatedly and deliciously.

Which actually has nothing to do with today’s joy (heartfelt, imaginative, and awesome kid art). It’s merely a little insight for you all into how fickle I am these days, even about important things like “Is showering every day REALLY necessary?” and “Exercise. Meh.”

And Cheetos consumption. At least they’re the crunchy, condensed kind. Fickle or no, I have my standards.

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