Joy: Shirt-and-sweater combo

Not the best day overall today, friends. I just wasn’t feeling it. What’s ‘it’? you’re asking. Good question. Anything, really. I wasn’t in my parenting groove (translation: my kids fought and I couldn’t/didn’t stop it), wasn’t feeling healthy or cute, wasn’t motivated or creative or cheerful or enthusiastic.

I know (think? hope?) everyone has days like this. And sometimes I feel better knowing that they make the good days even better. (Sometimes that reminder just makes me annoyed, but whatevs.)

So today’s joy was simple but genuine: shirt parts (e.g., collar, sleeves) that come pre-attached to the sweater to create the look of a great ensemble but in a single pull-one-thing-over-your-head-and-be-on-your-way movement. Oh yeah.

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