Joy: Time Out

WHAT: Time out from everything

WHEN: Middle of the day

WHY: Snuggling with my sick toddler

Today’s JOY brought to you by 3 hours at InstaCare, complete with a vomit-all-over-mom episode (why, yes, it IS as awesome as it sounds), a random nap in the exam room, and an orange popsicle.

We found out a couple of nights ago that our 3-year-old has a pretty intense kidney infection. So sad. I’ve also been finding out over the past several months that I need to re-prioritize, as I spend a lot of my life’s minutes putting off stuff that’s important (make dinner for my family) to do stuff that’s probably lame (surf the web).

These two discoveries seem to have nothing in common, I know, other than the fact that they brought about today’s joy: setting aside a million things that, despite their frivolity I still wanted to do, to be 100% there for this little girl. I didn’t even check my email or texts while holding her, which, for a multi-tasking addict like myself, is huge. Shouldn’t be, but is.

So, yeah. Total joy today whispering with and holding little A. Icing on the cake: she stroked my hair.

Today’s poll:

For real, how much time do you spend online in an average day?

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