Joy: Fonts

I’m a total English nerd. Don’t mind admitting it. I edit and write and revise for a living. (Which actually is less impressive when you realize that my husband is the real breadwinner around here. I’m the homemaker who strives to keep burned dinners to a minimum. If I actually did edit for a “living,” I would probably be dead right now. Or eking out a scant survival on cans of beans divided and rationed out over seven days. Split among my children. While we sob buckets of tears underneath our shredded tarp-for-shelter.)

So. Where were we? Oh yes, my nerdiness. Welp, that explains today’s JOY. The stretchiness (and sans stretchiness, as the case may be) of the font on this subway art brings me joy. Some words just pop–my favorite is the striking contrast between “pray” and “eat more vegetables.” Plus, I made it myself. Kinda. With hardly any swearing or throwing of paint brushes across the basement.

Singing a song of joy right here.

Today’s poll (answer to see results):
Best fonts: serif or sans serif?

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