Joy: Tiny clothespins

There was a guy in college that my roommates and I loved. He was about 10 inches shorter than us girls’ average height, the absolute nicest and cutest, and we adoringly called him “Bite Size.” (Erm, not to his face, though. Too potentially emasculating and, frankly, despite our love for the guy, at his height it’s not something one can risk in good conscience.)

Anywho. For me and for a research-based 93%* of double-X-chromosome bearers out there, tiny stuff = adorably endearing = joy. Bingo on the mini clothespins strung up on wires in our hallway, which has subsequently become the “Kids’ Art Wall.” Which, if you’ll allow me to cheat a little in this post, is an addition to our home that ALSO brings me joy today. Got ourselves a two-fer.

Speaking of bite size and joyful combinations, though…anyone else getting a hankering for some Butterfingers, Halloween-style (e.g., steal-’em-from-your-kid’s-bucket-in-the-dead-of-night-then-spread-around-the-remaining-candy-so-it-looks-just-as-full)? No? Oh. Yeah, me either.**


**Total lie.

Today’s poll (answer to see results):
Best bite-size candy bar

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